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15-foot Bigfoot Monster Sneaks Up And Grabs Hunters From Behind.

A 15-foot Bigfoot crept up behind a hunter and grabbed his foot in a frightening encounter, according to a researcher studying the fabled monster.

Bigfoot, also known as sasquatches, has never been confirmed to exist, although many individuals claim to have seen them, describing them as gigantic, two-legged furry creatures.

One such incident was reported to the author and researcher W.J. Sheehan (known as Bill) on the Forest Fleur podcast, and he recalled it.

He said that a guy had written to him, recounting a terrifying experience with one of these monsters while on a hunting excursion in a Tennessee woodland.

Bill stated the encounter began with a sudden outburst of hooting noises, which he believed was the thing replicating an owl’s cry through the fog in front of him.

Bigfoot should be about 14 or 15 feet tall.
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The hunter, Shane Barclay, felt he was secure in a watchtower, but even at that height, a “Bigfoot” was able to reach him, according to Bill.

“As I sat there shivering and sweating – and having seen nothing up to this point – I instantly felt someone grasp the heel of my left boot,” Shane recounted.

“I leaped to the point of almost falling out of the stand, and when I turned to gaze down to my left, I saw the frowning face of a massive sasquatch.

“Having crept up behind me, he was staring right up at me and reaching out with his left hand to grasp hold of my boot.”

Despite his surprise at being met with this apparently massive creature, Bill remembered that the beast did not injure Shane.

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“The precise moment I leaped, he released off and simply stood there, swaying and watching me,” he said. As he stood there, it occurred to me that all of the commotion and noises were only a diversion, allowing this beast to sneak up on me unnoticed.

“It was as though it wanted me to understand that it had complete control.”

“He was grasping my heel with his hand 20 feet above the ground,” Shane said, describing the creature’s size as “unbelievable.”

“He’d have to be 14 or 15 feet tall, with his arm extended way beyond that,” says the author. His arm has to be at least 7 or 8 feet long.

“As I glanced down at it, it had very lengthy grey and white hair, and also dark grey skin on its face, hands, and upper chest.”

image credits : iStockphoto

The beast ultimately bolted down the route ahead and vanished into the trees, according to Bill.

“I believe the monster took around 10 steps to traverse 75 feet,” he said Shane stated.

Despite the creature’s failure to hurt him, Shane appears to have admitted that the event scared him.

He stated he realized he was “peeing myself” shortly after the incident and took the following eight days off work.

He now claims to be attempting to figure out why the monster didn’t attack him, stating, “He could have easily torn me from my chair in the tree but he didn’t, and that’s what has left me so perplexed.”

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