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13-Year-Old Meth Addict Who Has Now Gotten Clean And Can Walk Again

Austin Greene became a heroin and meth addict when he was 13 years old. His addiction to this high-grade narcotic has finally been broken after years of dependence on the drug. As an eleven-year-old child living in the state of Ohio in the United States, Austin experimented with toxins for the first time. He experimented with alcohol and marijuana.

Attempting to fit in with his friends was a desperate effort on his part to survive. However, he had no notion that he would get addicted to the sense of being high. As a consequence, the 27-year-old man’s life went out of control. As a heroin and meth addict, he has suffered with his addiction for many years.

While fighting his addiction, the father seemed gaunt.

While fighting his addiction, the father seemed gaunt.
Image: Austin Greene

He suffered even more as a result of his temporary lack of movement and his separation from his family, which included his 8-year-old daughter, Kayonnah, who was with him. He realized that he needed to change his conduct at that particular time. In an interview with the Daily Star newspaper, Austin discusses his journey to recovery one year after making the decision to live a drug- and alcohol-free lifestyle.

He went on to explain that her daughter’s mother is not present in her life. In addition, he did not want her to be left alone as she grew older. Everything in his life has become better since he became clean. So selfishly, he tore down all of his relationships, including the one with his daughter, while he was still doing drugs. That has all changed now that he has brought these bonds back into the fold.

Austin seemed ill and white when he was a heroin and meth addict.

Austin seemed ill and white when he was a heroin and meth addict.
Image: Austin Greene

Due to his addiction, he refused to visit his daughter until he was able to become recovered. She was well aware that when she saw him, he would only be around long enough for him to acquire money to have him patched and then he would disappear for days at a time.

Seeing him now makes her happy.

For a long time, Austin considered himself to be a threat to the community. This is due to the fact that he would steal anything to fuel his drug addiction.

In his own words, he was prepared to grab whatever of value that he could get his hands on. It was his practice to fool his family into thinking he needed money for food. Afterward, the money was used to buy meth and heroin.

Austin’s relationship with his little daughter has been renewed, but it’s more than that. His physical fitness has improved as well.

After he’s cleaned up, Austin looks dramatically different.

After he's cleaned up, Austin looks dramatically different.
Image: Austin Greene

His lower spine became infected with yeast while he was using these drugs. He lost the ability to walk because of this. Despite the fact that doctors are unsure of the exact reason, they assume it was initiated by the usage of needles.

Austin remembered that the lowest moment of his life had to have been when he was diagnosed with a terrible yeast infection in his lower vertebrae and had to relearn how to walk. When he was six months old, he was finally able to walk on his own. It took him nearly a year to regain full movement after his recovery.

The father and his daughter Kayonnah have renewed their ties.

The father and his daughter Kayonnah have renewed their ties.
Image: Austin Greene

It has been a long time since Austin has claimed that his mental health has gotten any better. It has progressed to the point that he is no longer always gloomy and depressed. It has also made a positive difference in his physical condition. The infection in his spine, as well as Hepatitis B and C, which he had earlier, are no longer present in him.

Since obtaining sobriety, the father has found employment as a photographer. And he has set himself the goal of maintaining his current level of well-being.

He has documented his change with millions of people on the TikTok app. In addition, he has made people aware of the destructive grip that addiction will have on a person’s life.

Unfortunately, Austin’s closest buddy died as a result of an overdose, which served as another motivating aspect in his desire to eventually kick his drug addiction. He believes that sharing his experience may inspire others to overcome their addiction and begin their recovery.

He wants to assist as many individuals as he can realize that they can change their lives for the better. Getting clean is not impossible, and you are not alone in your troubles; there is a whole universe of people who can connect to what you are going through. He believes that everyone can change as long as they have faith in their own ability.

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