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10+ Unusual Models, You’ve Ever Seen

People with odd features have every right to build a name for themselves in the fashion world as models. They contribute to pushing the boundaries of what we consider to be a beautiful model.

We at Viraltrendzs chose to tell you about some of the daring people who aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. They demonstrate that real people are far more fascinating and diverse than the ideal pictures we see in magazines.

Sara Geurts

image credits : sarageurts

image credits : sarageurts

Sara is only 26 years old, yet she has the appearance of a much older woman. This is due to Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which prevents the skin from producing the collagen that gives it elasticity.

Sara covered herself up at school because she was embarrassed by her condition. However, in 2015, she summoned the bravery to unveil herself to the world in order to help women who are negatively compared to ideal beauty norms.


image credits : duckiethot
image credits : duckiethot

Nyadak Thot, often known as Duckie, is a South Sudanese model who resembles a Barbie doll. Strange as it may seem, her excellent attributes led to some online harassment when she was only 17. She was criticized of having an unnatural appearance after she earned first place in Australia’s Next Top Model competition.

“People will always say negative things about you,” she continues, “but their views do not determine who you are.”

Caitin Stickels

image credits : caitinkitten

image credits : caitinkitten

Caitin was born with cat eye syndrome, which makes her stand out from the others. Nick Knight, a photographer for V Magazine, noticed her Instagram photographs and was so taken aback by her appearance that he asked her in for a photo session.

“I never imagined myself as a model. From afar, I’ve always admired fashion ” Caitin explains. She now has the opportunity to work with some of the industry’s most well-known models.

Cassandra Bankson

image credits : cloudigirl.com
image credits : cassandrabankson

Cassandra has had acne since she was a teenager. Her face, breast, and back are all covered. She had to drop out of school due to the bullying she received from her peers.

She started a YouTube channel one day and began to tell the story of her battle with spots. It quickly gained tremendous popularity, and she began receiving modeling job offers. Cassandra hopes to show through her own example that a person may be lovely despite physical flaws. Now she’s a top model among models in the industry.

Souffrant Ralph

image credits : souffrantnyc

image credits : souffrantnyc

This young Haitian man has red hair and a slew of freckles covering his entire body. For someone with black skin, these are highly rare qualities, and Souffrant gladly compares himself to a giraffe or leopard.

He says, “Today, I’m proud of my freckles, but I used to hate them.” ”They assisted me in bringing my family out of poverty.”

Natalia Castellar Calvani

image credits : .sanook.com
image credits : nataliacastellarcalvani

Natalia is a Puerto Rican-born model from the United States. She has thick, big eyebrows, which her classmates used to tease her about when she was a kid.

When she drew the eye of officials from the modeling firm Next Models, however, everything changed. Her self-esteem grew, and she understood that her brows were her most distinctive feature. She merely regrets not learning to love them sooner.

Devon Aoki

image credits : devonaoki

image credits : devonaoki

Devon Aoki, who is 1.65 meters tall, is the world’s shortest supermodel. Her career, however, was unaffected by this: she was named one of the top models of the 1990s and appeared in films such as 2 Fast 2 Furious and Sin City. Devon’s appearance is one-of-a-kind, since you’re unlikely to find another red-haired Asian woman with freckles and thick lips.

Rain Dove

image credits : raindovemodel
image credits : raindovemodel

26-year-old Rain Dove is photographed twice: once as a guy and once as a lady. Her odd and slightly masculine appearance was given to her by nature.

“A lot of people assume I’m a man who made himself breasts, and I think it’s hilarious. I’ve never considered myself androgynous. Rain adds, “I just thought I was very ugly.” ”But then I realized I can do something that no one else can.”

Erika Linder

image credits : richiephoenix

image credits : richiephoenix

Erika Linder is another model who can expertly impersonate a male, despite the fact that she does not resemble one. In 2011, she made headlines when she was photographed looking like Leonardo DiCaprio.

Erika claims that she has too much imagination to limit herself to portraying only one gender. She also replicates male motions when she dresses up as a man, just like a true actor.

Darius Vernon

image credits : dailymail.co.uk
image credits : dailymail.co.uk

Darius Vernon has vitiligo, a disorder in which the skin develops spots that are devoid of colour. He was mocked for many years as a result of this, and he nearly attempted suicide as a result of it. However, he learned one day that pleasing everyone is impossible.

Darius has worked his way up the modeling ladder, and now he has the chance to show the world that beauty comes in numerous forms.

Xing Ye Zhi Jian

image credits : aminoapps.com

image credits : readawrite.com

Xing Ye Zhi Jian, a Chinese man, completely blew up the Internet with his incredible appearance. It’s almost as though he’s too good-looking for this world.

Some regard him as a “Chinese elf,” while others despise his femininity. This just goes to show that no matter how perfect we are, there will always be someone who does not appreciate us.

Molly Bair

image credits : nutiminn.is
image credits : thebeautyrebel.com

Molly Bair, a model from Pennsylvania, was born in 1997 and possesses a very distinctive beauty. Her alien appearance caused her a lot of problems when she was younger, but she’s had nothing but success since getting hired as a model.

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