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10 Terrifying Beauty Standards from History.

Each period and nation has had its own fashion trends and beauty standards throughout history. To fulfill these expectations, women have had to put their health, looks, and sometimes lives on the line. Furthermore, several horrible and strange things used to be completely typical for stylish females in the past.

Viraltrendzs would like to inform you about the riskiest stuff our forefathers did in order to be fashionable.

Hazardous hair dye.

Women were already employing hazardous hair dyes in the nineteenth century. The poisonous silver nitrate or lead in these colors had an adverse effect on their skin, hair, and lungs. To make matters worse, their outcomes were uncertain. Their hair, for example, may turn green instead of black.

Creams containing cyanide or mercury.

Creams and lotions for freckle and mole removal contained significant quantities of cyanide and mercury, which effectively removed undesirable coloration. The use of these lotions on a regular basis led the body to accumulate mercury, shortening women’s lives due to mercury poisoning.

Mercury (II) chloride, a highly poisonous chemical that damages the central nervous system, was used to make skin smoother and to treat syphilis.

Cinnabar blush.

10 Terrifying Beauty Standards from History.
image credits : © Commons.wikimedia

Cinnabar is a mineral that has recently been connected with volcanic activity. It was used to make blush and powder and refers to the common brilliant crimson form of mercury(II) sulfide. It was utilized in Ancient Japan, Ancient China, and as a hair color later on.

Cinnabar, like other mercury compounds, is very poisonous, and inhaling its fumes can result in serious poisoning.

Tapeworms can help you lose weight.

Women didn’t have to go to the gym or stick to a rigorous diet; all they had to do was take tablets containing tapeworm eggs, which they did, and they dropped weight. Later, it was discovered that they had a variety of health issues, including nausea, anemia, a reduced immune system, tiredness, and headaches.

Flannelette dresses.

10 Terrifying Beauty Standards from History.
image credits : © Wikimedia

Flannelette outfits, shirts, and pajamas were highly fashionable throughout the Victorian era. But, regrettably, not everyone could afford them. The costly cloth was replaced with a low-cost, more combustible alternative. A person wearing these fabric pajamas and standing near or holding a candle might be hurt or killed.


10 Terrifying Beauty Standards from History.
image credits : © Commons.wikimedia

Each culture has its own definition of beauty. Women in Indonesia, for example, used to sharpen their teeth to look like shark teeth. Their canine teeth, on the other hand, were filed flat. It is believed that these women can still be found nowadays. Filing is an unpleasant and sometimes hazardous procedure since germs can readily enter the body through broken enamel.

Teeth decoration.

10 Terrifying Beauty Standards from History.
image credits : © Peacehall

Ancient Mayans utilized gold and precious stones to adorn their teeth over 2,000 years ago. Small holes were bored in the teeth so that jade or gold could be placed. A comparable technique existed in Ancient Egypt. These items represented riches and a person’s high social position.

Skull deformation.

10 Terrifying Beauty Standards from History.
image credits : © Wikipedia

Another unusual beauty practice from the past has been discovered. An egg-shaped extended head was thought to be attractive. These skulls have been discovered all across the world, from South America to the Middle East. Children’s heads were firmly tied with bandages or wooden boards, indicating that ancient humans began changing the shape of their skulls as early as childhood. These procedures had a devastating impact on the brain, and many children died as a result of them.

Breast binding.

10 Terrifying Beauty Standards from History.
image credits : © Commons.wikimedia

Because of the impact of Christianity on beauty standards in the Middle Ages, women were expected to have tiny breasts. Thin hips, flat breasts, tiny hands and feet, and thin lips were required of women’s physique. Girls began binding their breasts as early as childhood to attain these effects, to the point that their mammary glands stopped growing.


10 Terrifying Beauty Standards from History.
image credits : ngoisao

The cult of Mary made pregnancy and drooping breasts fashionable in the Middle Ages. A lady had to be pregnant or wear a particular fake tummy to be fashionable. Giving birth several times or wearing a large false tummy, on the other hand, had a negative impact on the spine and was extremely tiring for women.

What were the weirdest beauty trends? What are your thoughts?

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