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10 Interesting Things That The Human Body Does Under Our Nose.

Today’s scientific discoveries shed light on many things, and there are fantasy films that seem more real than what we can read in a scientific journal. Although we are only talking about what the human body needs to do, they can inspire a new superhero character. All of these can be considered hidden superpowers.

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1. The Pinocchio effect is natural.

It is well-known character seems to be based on some real evidence. Research has shown that when we lie, it reflects on our faces. Especially, the temperature of our nose and the area around our eyes increases, and they get really hot. 

2. Our smile kills our pain.

Laughter has always been believed to be good for your health, but it has only really been studied recently. Laughter releases chemicals into the brain that can relieve pain.

3. The ear wax acts as a cleanser.

Many of us have always thought that ear wax should be cleaned daily for various hygienic reasons. However, especially science proves that things are quite different. And also, ear wax itself cleanses our ear canal and protects us from infections. Removing it does us more harm than good, so it is better to clean only the ear’s surface.

4. Our hair knows when we are sleeping.

A lot can be said about our sleeping habits in our hair. And also, researchers have found that they have a 24-hour circadian clock that adjusts their sleep habits. By using the cells in our hair, we can one day help patients with sleep disorders.

5. Human body demands sleep after lunch.

This has nothing to do with the food we ate at lunch. Especially, the reason for this is hidden in our body clock. Our circadian rhythm sends some alarm bells for 7 to 9 hours after we wake up, and these bells make us feel sleepy.

6. Opening the eyes acts as an “engine” for us.

We close our eyes for about 44 minutes (one day) when we wake up. It has some essential functions for us. It not only hydrates the eyes and protects us from foreign objects but also helps us to relax. That little moment of our brain shutting down is also used to reduce power.

7. Our stomach protects our immune system.

Our immune system is essential to our health and helps us to fight against external threats. However, it also needs additional help. Stomach acidity stops many germs from entering the body from the foods we eat.

8. Our eyes have the fastest muscles in the body.

The fastest-moving muscle in the human body is the orbicularis oculi in our eyes. It was so fast that it entered the Guinness Book of World Records. We have two of these, one for each eye, which controls the closing action of the eyelids. If an object tries to touch our eye, it lowers the eyeball in less than 100 milliseconds.

9. There are “shock absorbers” all over our bodies.

Especially, scientists have discovered the body’s molecular structure that acts as a “shock absorber” for us. Some studies say that this finding sheds light on how our body can accommodate itself by interacting with our moving parts without tearing them apart.

10. Our nose is also responsible for taste perception.

Our sense of smell is responsible for about 80% of what we taste. Without it, we only enjoy the sweet, salty, sour, and bitter sensations. All the other flavors come out fragrant. This is why most foods do not taste good when we have colds and nasal congestion.

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