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10 Disney Princesses Transformed Into Today’s Bad Girls

The Disney princesses are famous for their perfect beauty and traditional behavior, which has led to some criticism. It’s possible, though, that the Disney princesses grew up and decided to abandon their good girl personalities.

At Viraltrendzs we’d like to showcase the work of three graphic designers who reimagined these famous individuals as modern-day bad girls, and their “new looks” are quite amazing.

1. Jasmine

Despite her comfort and wealth, Jasmine was never a spoiled Disney princess. She’s always been on the lookout for new experiences. The artist recreated her as a Rhythm and blues star, a basketball fan, and a high-end apartment dweller with a panoramic view.

2. Cinderella

Until she met her Prince Charming, Cinderella was the most modest and humble Disney princess out of all princesses. Her look was altered by the artist, and she was converted into a stunning celebrity.

3. Rapunzel

Princess Rapunzel has spent most of her life confined to a tower. That might explain why she jumped at the chance to let her hair down. Her passion for freedom led to vividly colored hair, tunnels, and sleeve tattoos.

4. Ariel

Ariel has always been prepared to fight for her beliefs and go to tremendous measures to achieve her goals. She also knows how to relax and enjoy herself. She has never emphasized living a luxurious lifestyle, despite her rank as King Triton’s daughter. If Ariel were to enter the real world, she’d be a casual girl with whom you’d want to hang out, play Xbox, and eat pizza on a Friday night.

5. Belle

Belle is a Disney princess who is always concerned about others. She was prepared to give up her life in exchange for her father’s. Her passion for reading was great. It earned her a reputation as a starry-eyed, quirky young lady among the locals. After her transformation into a stunning bad girl, we’re confident that no one will think Belle is weird anymore.

6. Tiana

Tiana is a diligent worker who strived to accomplish her goals. Isn’t it, however, time to unwind and enjoy yourself? A good place to start is with vibrant tattoos and bright makeup.

7. Snow White

Snow White has never overlooked the importance of keeping a good appearance. She was extremely concerned about her admirers. She’s used an amazing strategy to build her fan base from seven dwarfs to millions. And that includes using Instagram to share photos and selfies.

8. Pocahontas

Pocahontas has always been a rebellious character. She was always up for a fight in the pursuit of happiness and love. Because of contemporary technology and globalization, she would not have to miss John Smith. She’d be able to make a whole new set of friends with just one click, all while eating delectable macarons and sipping a Starbucks cappuccino, thanks to that.

9. Elsa

Elsa may appear to be the perfect sweetheart. Elsa’s creator, on the other hand, feels she has a wild side. She’ll be the most trendy girl in the land with tattoos, smokey eyes, and a smart T-shirt.

10. Moana

Moana has always appeared to be older than her age, anxious to explore “how far she can go.” With her amazing clothing makeover, even young Moana wants to explore her options in the modern world and rebel against norms and prejudices.

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