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10+ Bizarre Things That Are Sexy in Different Countries.

Depending on where one lives, one’s definition of genuine beauty may differ significantly from that of others. The definition of beauty lies in the mind of the beholder. But, on the plus side, what many of us regard to be physical flaws may turn out to be attractive to someone out there. Viraltrendzs has compiled a list of the most intriguing things that people in various nations across the world find beautiful and sexy.



A monobrow is considered a symbol of feminine attractiveness in some Tajik communities. If a female does not have this attractive trait, she may choose to use black cosmetics to create a line between her brows.

Locals believe that a person’s joined-together brows indicate that he or she will have a happy life.

Stretched lips and red skin

The Mursi people

Himba and Suri people

Girls of Ethiopia’s Mursi tribe learn to stretch the skin of their lower lips using special disks. The bigger the disk, the greater the social standing of the girl and the larger the dowry that must be given before marriage.

A similar situation exists with the Suri tribe. They are a tiny African tribe who live near the Sudanese border in southern Ethiopia. They are one of the numerous tribes in the rich Omo Valley, with a population of 20,000.

The Himba are nomadic pastoralists who reside in northeastern Namibia’s Kaokoland region. To shield themselves from the sun, they utilize red ocher and fat. Their bodies turn a bright crimson hue as a result of this.

A long neck


“The nation of giraffe women” is the name given to one of eastern Burma’s areas. The Kayan people who reside there are known for wearing brass rings around their necks, thus the name. It is said that the longer a person’s neck is, the more attractive they appear.

These rings are said to protect Kayan women from tigers, but in truth, they are just a means for them to display their ethnic identity.

A high forehead

The Fula people

In the Fula tribe of Africa, a high forehead is the most significant feature for a lady. As a result, some of the tribe’s women cut portions of their hair off their heads to give the impression that they have one.

A similar practice was seen in medieval Europe when ladies were known to shave off up to half of their top hair.

Pale skin

China, Thailand

Pale skin is regarded as the gold standard of beauty in many regions of Asia. You’re unlikely to discover a face cream without a bleaching component if you walk into a store seeking one. This includes after-shave products for guys. Many Chinese people refuse to go to the beach without wearing a mask to protect their skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Furthermore, Chinese and Thai women believe that Western women are insane for wanting to visit a tanning clinic.

Surgical dressings on the face


Iran is the rhinoplasty capital of the world. Despite the procedure’s exorbitant cost, men and women here are willing to go to any length for a straight nose, which is considered not just as a sign of beauty but also of social prestige.

This isn’t the oddest thing you’ll find here, though. Even if someone hasn’t had a nose job, they may elect to wear a surgical dressing on their face in public to give the impression that they have.

Excess weight


If a Mauritanian does not have fat folds on their tummy, they have little chance of gaining a man’s attention.

Parents take their daughters to special “farms” where they can consume up to 16,000 calories per day in order to ensure that they achieve the ideal proportions (the norm is 1,500). Unfortunately, many females get stomach problems as a result of this custom.

A heart-shaped face

South Korea

Plastic surgery is not only common in South Korea but is also regarded as entirely normal. Advertisements urging individuals to have cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance may be found all over large cities.

One of the primary methods to look lovely in this culture is to have a heart-shaped face. Many Koreans are willing to go through complicated procedures to obtain it. Breaking the jaw bones into three parts, removing the center component, and fusing the two others together to create a more pointed chin is a common procedure. The new chin’s angles are then softened. The individual is unable to take solid meals for a long period after undergoing this type of procedure.


Western Africa, New Guinea

New Guineans and people from other African countries continue to adorn their bodies with intricate designs and scars. The scars are generally given to men as part of an initiation rite, but these “tattoos” are seen as a sign of great attractiveness by women. Of course, there are a sizable number of people in the industrialized world who find this technique – sometimes known as body modification.

Crooked teeth


A straight line of even teeth is considered the definition of a beautiful grin in Western nations, and many people can’t imagine someone thinking otherwise. In Japan, on the other hand, the so-called “yaeba,” or crooked teeth, are the pinnacle of beauty. It is thought that persons with this trait appear to be cuter. Dentists in Japan are in high demand, both from young men and women, for this reason.

Some of us may find these beauty customs humorous, while others may find them primitive. But how frequently do we examine our own beauty standards and traditions? Puncturing holes in our ears and putting earrings in them, as well as walking in painful high-heeled shoes to lengthen our legs, may look weird to others.

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